About Us


Northern MetalworksBuilding relationships and fabricating solutions one customer at a time. 


“Northern Metalworks delivers intelligent fabricating solutions with a team of professionals who are inspired to exceed customer expectations. We don’t just care about what you do – we care about who you are.


Corporate Goals

The Goals of Northern Metalworks are rooted in Four Quadrants:


Our goal is to be the first choice fabricator in Durham region and surrounding area and that most of our new customers come from existing customer referrals.


Sharpe familyOur goal is to provide a workplace that honours family by operating a maximum of 10 hours a day, Monday to Friday.


Our goal is to invest back into our community both directly and where our employees choose to make a difference.


Our goal is to ensure the safest work environment possible and to invest in our people, suppliers, and customers.

Community Partnerships

One of our four goals at Northern Metalworks is to invest back into our community both directly and where our employees choose to make a difference.

We do this by providing financial support to local community activities including sports teams and other charitable organizations.

We also support the initiatives of our employees as they serve in their community.

The Northern Metalworks Family and History

Northern Metalworks is a locally owned, professionally operated steel fabrication company that began on the Sharpe family farm in Woodville, Ontario. Today Northern Metalworks operates from a 12,000 square foot production facility and in Sunderland Ontario.

Darren Sharpe, the President and General Manager of Northern Metalworks started when he was 16 years old, sweeping the floors of a local fabricating shop. Darren chose to do his apprenticeship as a welder fitter at this same shop and eight and half years later decided it was time for a change.

Darren and his wife Ann decided to start their own fabricating company and began operations from the family farm. Their primary customer was Northern Mould and Metal Fabricating, a company Darren and Ann ended up acquiring and merging with their operation.

For over ten years the company operated from a total of 4200 square feet. Due to increasing customer demand and significant challenges with the existing physical plant Darren and Ann undertook a major expansion. That expansion was completed in 2008 and is the present facility Northern Metalworks operates from in Sunderland, Ontario. The name of the company was changed at the time of the expansion to Northern Metalworks to better define the companies processes and products.

The Northern Metalworks Team

The Northern Metalworks team is committed to excellence and relationships. “It is important to invest to in your people” says President Darren Sharpe “so that they can prosper”. At Northern Metalworks prosperity is comprehensive including financial, relational, spiritual, and physical prosperity. “We are accountable to our team”, says Darren, “of making sure to the best of our ability that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their desired prosperity.”

Northern Metalworks and Fabrication

If you ask a Northern Metalworks team member why they choose to work here you probably won’t get a simple answer. You might hear about the exceptionally diverse type and size of the projects that come through Northern Metalworks. Or a friendly, respectful and professional workplace that doesn’t just care about what you do but also cares about who you are. Or an exciting culture that encourages employees to take on different challenges and try new things. In fact, the only routine thing at Northern Metalworks is that each day is different.

The strength of our people is the strength of our company and that strength translates to fabrication solutions that will add significant value to our customers.

Just ask them!