Why Choose Northern Metalworks

Northern Metalworks

What we want our customers to know

1. Working with us is easy and profitable.

Working with us is easy and profitable because we value quality, consistency, and customer service. Our team of professional fabricators adheres to client specifications, deadlines and industry driven quality standards.

2. We are unique in the marketplace.

We are unique in the marketplace because of the:

Success Stories

“When it comes to production updates, on time delivery, and consistent quality, Northern Metalworks is a company you can depend on….we do”. Don Whelan – Azek Canada Inc.

“Our working relationship with Northern Metalworks enables innovations in our product line and further delivers on the promise of quality our customers expect”. – John R. McCoy – J. McCoy Equipment Ltd.

Northern Metalworks Welding Certification

THE CANADIAN WELDING BUREAU WEBSITEIn keeping with standards of superb quality and consistency, Northern Metalworks has completed the rigorous certification process supervised by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). Northern Metalworks has completed their certification as CSA 47.1- Steel and is in good standing with their certification.

As part of maintaining our certification we undertake the following:


  1. Employ an adequate number of qualified welding supervisors to supervise all shop and field welding activities.
  2. Ensure that the welding supervisor is qualified and has the authority and time to control welding operations in the shop.
  3. Ensure that all welders are qualified for the positions and processes that they are expected to use.
  4. Inform the CWB immediately of any changes in designated engineering, supervisory or management personnel, plant address and telephone number changes etc.

Welding Procedures

  1. Ensure that the company’s welding procedures cover all the joints, processes and positions used in fabrication/erection, and are up to date and accepted by the Bureau.
  2. Ensure that the company’s welding procedures are available to all those personnel requiring them and are followed in the shop.


  1. Ensure that all welding equipment and auxiliary equipment are maintained in good repair.
  2. Ensure that all welding equipment is adequate to produce the required weldments.


  1. Ensure that welding performed by the company and its subcontractors is continuously done in accordance with the requirements of the standard and the approved welding procedures.
  2. Maintain weld quality and workmanship at the levels specified by the design or product standard.
  3. Ensure that all welding is completed using certified consumables, which are stored and reconditioned in accordance with the applicable standard.


  1. Maintain an up-to-date CWB file containing copies of the necessary reports and forms, etc. in chronological order.
  2. Ensure that copies of the company’s welding procedures, welder, welding operator and tack welder employment and qualification reports and engineer’s reports are available to the Bureau’s representative.
  3. Submit welder/welding operator/tack welder employment and qualification reports to the Bureau on a monthly basis.